Resize charts to fit form area

HI there ... i am working on a website analysis software and on the dashboard i placed some charts. But i did not find a way to let them automatically size into the given area so all of the chart is visible. I know there is a way but i couldn't find it until now charttypes will be pie, halfpie, donut, hapfdonut and bar  ... maybe someone can give a small tipp/advice wich switch to toggle to get this done or wich keyword will help me figuring out how to do this,





Each Series has a Pie property which has a SizeType property. By default, the SizeType property is set to pstPixels which uses the size in pixels. When set to pstPercentage, the Size is the amount of percentage that is used from the available area in which the pie will be drawn.

Hi Pieter ..... thanks a lot ... that makes my day :-)

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