resize around mid


Would you be so kind to let me know how I can resize around a midpoint of a block? For the moment, when I move the topleft it will move towards the bottomright but I want to move the bottomright as well then towards the topleft...

Do you mean you want the bottom right to be moved in sync and at the same time the top left is moved? If yes, then this is not possible.

What I want to do is to move a circle object around its midpoint. Is there a workaround?


Still don't get it. Isn't "moving around" the same as rotating? By moving I understand just clicking on the object and move it to another place - there is no reference point, the whole object is moved as a whole.

my apologies, let me rephrase, I want to resize (not move) around a midpoint...

So take the topleft, resize. But its going to the bottomright. Was looking for a center like the rotation 

There is no such feature, unfortunately. But, again, isn't it the same as moving? If you move the topleft handle, you expect the bottomright handle to move together? If yes, then the size of the block would be the same, and the final effect is a moving operation.

no, its not a moving operation I'm after. I want to scale it down or up (like you would do by moving one of the handles). Problem is that the object for the moment is moving in the opposite direction. Example if I take the topleft handle and move that one, the bottomright will stay the same. 

In the end you are right, both will be moved. But the effect is a scale.
I was thinking about solving this problem like you did with the arrows. You got a yellow handle which will move to the left or right and based on that the circle will grow or shrink. But it would be much easier for me if this could be done by defining a midpoint together with a move of one of the handles...

I understand what you mean now. Yes, the yellow handles (custom handles) are designed for that - to allow users to change custom parameters. In this case, you want to change circle radius, so yes, you need to use custom handle and manage yourself. Take a look at the ArrowBlocks.pas unit, they use custom handles for changing some parts of arrows.

yup, that's what I was thinking. Can I as well move the boundsrect when the custom handles hit the boundsrect?


meaning the custom handles provide the possibility to scale down from boundsrect (=100%) till 0% but not greater then 100%. This can only be performed when enlarging the boundsrect I think, no?


I'm not sure if you can set the boundsrect while the custom handling is being moved, but you can set it after it's released. While it's being moved you can just paint the circle in the proper way (you can paint outside the bounds rect).

cool, thx!