Require constraint name for DEFAULT CONSTRAINT

For TMS Data Modeler.

When a default value is assigned a field it would be great if the Constraint Name was somehow made required. If Constraint Name is mistakenly left empty, then generated SQL script fails.

If Constraint Name is made required, it could also have a suggested name like:

For which database is this request for? Because many databases do not require a constraint name, that's why it's not (and should not be) enforced.

Ahh, I see and understand.
My suggestion was for MSSQL.

Have you tried running the database checker? Doesn't it tell you that constraint name is needed?

I ran it now (v, and it said everything was ok with or without a Constraint Name.
But it's not a huge problem at all, just thought it would be nice to have it mandatory...until you mentioned that different db's have different rules of course :)

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