Request: TWebPageControl ShowTabs property

Is this the correct place to submit Feature Requests for TWebCore?

Please include a TWebPageControl ShowTabs property which hides/shows all tabs in the TWebPageControl

Good suggestion. Consider it implemented for the next update.

I see that the TWebPageControl.ShowTabs property is available now. However I've tried it and I think it's not working properly.

I set the ShowTabs := false in the property sheet and at runtime the tabs are still visible.
I'm working on a PWA with Web Core. I have a client sized page control with two tabs. I set the ShowTabs false at design time, but the tabs are visible.

Am I using the property correctly?

Retested this here and I could not see a problem.
Test : Drop new TWebPageControl on form, set ShowTabs = false, run.
Tabs are not visible for the 3 pages.

I figured out my problem with TWebPageControl ShowTabs not working.
I had set an ElementClassName, form-control while working on the UI.
If ElementClassName is used the ShowTabs := false won't remove the tabs.
Simple fix is to clear out the ElementClassName and then ShowTabs works as expected.


This issue has been resolved.
The update will be available with the next TMS WEB Core release.