Request: TWebPageControl ShowTabs property

Is this the correct place to submit Feature Requests for TWebCore?

Please include a TWebPageControl ShowTabs property which hides/shows all tabs in the TWebPageControl

Good suggestion. Consider it implemented for the next update.

I see that the TWebPageControl.ShowTabs property is available now. However I've tried it and I think it's not working properly.

I set the ShowTabs := false in the property sheet and at runtime the tabs are still visible.
I'm working on a PWA with Web Core. I have a client sized page control with two tabs. I set the ShowTabs false at design time, but the tabs are visible.

Am I using the property correctly?

Retested this here and I could not see a problem.
Test : Drop new TWebPageControl on form, set ShowTabs = false, run.
Tabs are not visible for the 3 pages.