I'm still evaluating.  What would TMS suggest for reporting so we can keep everything native?  I see the PDF components that are in mCL but there isn't a way to create the PDF and format it like reporting components correct?

Correct, the PDF component is only a viewer, not a PDF creator. 

We have already done something similar with the TMS Pack for FireMonkey which prints a Grid on a PDF, so currently there is no PDF rendering engine available in the TMS iCL component set. To implement this, you could take a look at the following page:

In addition to what peter said, if you are fine with creating the reports in Excel and then converting them to pdf, we also have FlexCel which fully supports OSX/iOS, is fully native, and allows you to print/ preview/ export to pdf or html the reports:

Currently to create reports you need to do them manually (by calling SetCellValue(...) to set the cell values) but our report engine is already in beta and it will allow you to design the reports in Excel directly, by wirting tags like <#dataset.field> in a template, and having FlexCel fill in the fields.

Whatever method you use (manually setting the cells or by reporting), once you generate the file you get xls, xlsx, pdf, text (csv and fixed width) and html reports from the same place.