Report - How to hide rows (via config at Template)


First of all, I'm impressed with the power of FlexCel, congratulations. It's an amazing product with many nice features.
Now I just started using it and I guess it was not difficult, but I could not find a way to hide a row based on specific cell value.
In my template I already applied different formats (fonts, background colors, etc.), but I could not find anything at the documentation to hide a row based on value. (Via Reports)
Is it possible to explain how can I archive this?
Thank you


Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate them :)

About hiding a row, you could use: <#Row Height(hide)>
So you could use for example:  <#if(<#somevalue>=something;<#Row Height(hide)>;)>
This tag is described in FlexCelReportTags.xls

Wonderful, thank you for quick response