Repeated Rows at Top of Page?


I'm trying to create repeated rows at the top of a page.  In the PDF "UsingFexCelApi.pdf" the following function is recommended:

Xls.SetNamedRange(TXlsNamedRange.create(TxlsNamedRange.GetInternalName(InternalNamedRange.Print_Titles), 1, 0, '=1:3'));

However, "InternalNamedRange" is not recognized.  I've used GExpert to do a search of the source code and the string doesn't seem to exist.  

What am I missing?



P.S. FlexCel is really cool - I'm starting to get the hang of it!


You are basically missing a "T" :)  But there is also an extra "d" there, it is "TInternalNameRange" instead of "InternalNamedRange". The extra d in name"d"Range is why you couldn't find it with GExperts.

I've already fixed the docs (which won't make it to 5.6.5 because it is already uploaded and waiting for release in the website, I hope tomorrow).

Sorry about that, normally the docs might miss the leading "T" because much of it comes from FlexCel.NET, where those "T" aren't there. (And there is a lot of docs to review, some parts might slip). In this case, you could have find out with APIMate (which gives the correct "TInternalNameRange"), or by pressing Ctrl-Space in the arguments of GetInternalName, it suggests TInternalNamedRange.

Again sorry about the typo, but I'm really glad to know it is being useful :)


Great - thanks for getting back quickly! It works.  

I'm in the middle of converting over from NativeExcel.  I've created some higher level routines which make this easier.  So far so good!