RenderInvisibleControls bug?

Is there a bug with the TMS controls when you have the .RenderInvisibleControls set to True?

I am setting the .Visible property on multiple controls (some standard IW controls, some TMS IW controls) inside my TIWComboBox.OnAsyncChange event  and the standard IW controls behave as expected... the are visible or not visible based on setting the .Visible property, but the TMS IW controls (specifically the TTIWDatePicker and the TTIWAdvSpinEdit) do not show up when I set their Visible property to True.  All of the controls in question are on the same TIWRegion and on the same TIWAppForm.  Both TIWAppForm.RenderInvisibleControls and the TIWRegion.RenderInvisibleControls are set to True.
If I perform the same code in the OnChange event, both the IW and the TMS IW controls mentioned above behave as expected.
Scott Gast
S2 Software, Ltd.
Texas, USA
Delphi 2010 / IW 10 / TMS Suite

Unfortunately it's currently not supported to change the Visibility property of the TTIWDatePicker and TTIWAdvSpinEdit using an Async event.

However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this functionality in a future version of the controls.