RemoteDB Apache server. Table Permission for users

First time i'm implementing webbroker apache server fro Linux.
Now i need to check user permission in Security Table (username and password) of the Database and
if the user information is correct.
And how to configure permission according to user right. for example:
For table INVOICE

  • General Accountant has all right
  • Accountant ca view all invoice but could not edit/delete another user's invoice
  • Manager just view invoices, could not edit/delete/insert
  • User dont have access to invoices

RemoteDB is just a proxy of SQL server execution. All your application logic is up to you. You will have to implement such permissions in your application.

Also, note that you can't run RemoteDB servers using Apache. It's not supported. To use RemoteDB on Linux, you have to use an Indy-based server.

Hi Wagner,
I have already implemented WebBroker Apache Server for Linux using your Youtube videos.
Creating a REST Server on Apache Linux using Delphi and TMS XData
(RemoteDB + XData + Aurelius) and it already works.

Can I configure permissions with EntityAuthorizeScopes, SetEntitySetPermissions and so on.

Please help asap.

Yes, you can configure XData in Apache the same way as in other server types. Everything works.
Again, note that RemoteDB is not 100% reliable in Apache.