RemoteDB and driver native MSSQL problem with no-Unicode fields

I'm using the last version of RemoteDB and Aurelius.

My problem is: if in the mssql database there are 'text' and 'varchar' fields, in the client dataset these fields have two bytes for character instead of one

For example:
HELLO -> H #0 E #0 L #0 L #0 O #0

With 'ntext' and 'nvarchar' fields, RemoteDB works correctly.
what more information do you need?
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Can you please provide more details about how that content is coming from the server to the client?

Thank you for your reply

I write an example of the content of field (asstring) in the dataset client

in MSSQL the field is defined like this:

in SQLManagement the right value is:

In Aurelius I set :
AureliusCapital.DriverName:='MSSQL'; AureliusCapital.Params.Text:='Server=xxxx'#$D#$A'Password=xxxx'#$D#$A'UserName=xxxxl'#$D#$A'Database=xxx'#$D#$A

Do you need other information?
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Create the field as ftWideMemo, and read it using AsWideString property.

Manually changing field type in client dataset works good! :slight_smile:

I don't use permanent fields, so FieldDefs is generated from RemoteDB (in InitFieldDefsFromProvider?) is it possible that is automatically changed?

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It's actually just mirroring the data type being created at server-side. Maybe there is some configuration in your database component (are you using FireDAC?) that could create the fields as wide memos?

In RemoteDB server now I am using your native driver MSSQL (aurelius).

I can't change field type from text into ntext in my database because is not in my manage.

I just tried ADO and Firedac and they work correctly.
From my test is better your native driver (MSSQL)
The worse is ADO
FireDac vs ADO performance is better 10-15%
MSSQL native vs ADO is fast 30-40%
This is why I prefer your driver.

I have only this problem with MSSQL native.

My question is: what can I do to not send fields 'text' like wideMemo?

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I'm finding this strange. Is this Windows platform? Are you able to provide a sample project reproducing the issue?