Regular Expression styler

I would like to have a styler for regular expressions. I have tried adapting Pascal or C# stylers, but there are BIG problems with matching delimiters:

  1. if the opening and closing block symbols are on the same line they do not highlight.
  2. Everything on the same line as a highlighted block is highlighted, not just the block symbol(s)
  3. Block symbol matching is not escapable (e.g. WriteLn('begin') in the pascal styler will put the matching off.
  4. Block matching for single character symbol only seems to work if it appears as the first character on the line.

Obviously a regular expression styler would need to solve those issues (using the \ escape character to avoid matching.

I recommend using the brackets feature with the [ ] character set definition, including {3} as numbers types, symbols for markers such as ^ and $ and key words as backslash expressions: \s, \S, \w, \W, etc.

It would be VERY handy to be able to differentiate between capturing and non-capturing brackets, and forward and back looking anchors.