Refreshing DBAdvgrid

I am refreshing at runtime DBAdvGrid1.Datasource.Dataset.refresh, but Grid isn't updated before i hit Update button on Navigator bar.

How do i refresh grid without hitting update button.

For what operation exactly do you need to refresh TDBAdvGrid?

Is grid.PageMode=true?

Yes, pagemode=true

I am using the DbadvGrid to show only about half of the fields in a record. By dblclick you are able to edit all the fields in a spesific records in a new form. Then save edited fields and return to DBadvGrid and then refresh this grid. There ae several other users also editing other reccords.
I am not able to refresh dbgrid when return from the last form. Only when i hit ipdate button connected to dbgrid.

It's unclear what is causing this. When you put a TDBLabel showing one of the DB fields, is this also not updated?

DBLabel is not updated either. It is only updated when i hit update button in navigatorbar.

If a standard TDBLabel also doesn't update, this means there is an issue in your dataset setup and/or logic rather than in the TDBAdvGrid. I'd suggest to please revise this setup/logic.

try the same with delphi dbgrid, likely it is working

This problem was solved by simulating button clicks on the DBNavigatorbar in order to refresh DbadvGrid.