Record Log

Is there a way to easily keep a record log of every operation of aurelius?

- it should be system wide, not per class/table. 
- somehow I should clone the class/record to save it in the record log
- eventually some class/tables should not be included, for example, the log itself.

Not sure what do you mean by operation, but in Aurelius you can get all the SQL statements executed and log them. This is not mentioned in documentation as it's subject to change, but if you check MusicLibrary demo, you will see it shows the SQL executed by the application, it's implemented by using an statement listener interface. You can use the same code used in MusicLibrary demo.

For example:

I have many tables on my database. Customer, Invoice, Items, etc

These tables get changed, new records created, deleted, etc

For each one of this operations I wanted to catch an event where I have a chance to log the operation done.

In this event I will have a chance to access the data of record being changed, where I could for example export it as Json and save, if it is deleting I will only save which table/key got deleted.

I am thinking in get the record as Json since I have the back-end system now in aurelius and the front-and based on dbisam (for while). There is not guarantee of sql compatibility.


I guess this feature request is what you need: ?
You can vote for this request to make it up in the list. We have just released TMS RemoteDB and after release of TMS XData we will strongly focus on request features for TMS Aurelius.