ReCaptcha Strange Error

I integrate in one project Recaptcha component in TWebForm using HTML Template.
I created a project using base from demo with an HTML Template, and everything is working fine
Then I integrate same logic in a more complex WebCore Application and I get difficulties to make it work
Code in WebForm is similar (API initialisation, verify method, PHP Code to catch call back verification...) but if in simple project I can see hook initialisation in console like

I don't see anything similar in complex WebCore App (none Hook initialization)
And when verification is fired I get an error

The main difference I see is the way I create form
The form where Captcha is used in complex project is created by

Application.CreateForm(TFormView_Welcome, 'body',Active_form, @AfterCreate);

Please, have you an idea to explore the reason of such difference in behavior ?



I have no idea of what is in your "complex" form, so it is hard to tell.
Is this in debug and release mode or just in release mode?

Hi Bruno
I guess it's an impossible challenge to guess potential root cause for such strange context.
I can provide you, the webcore project in direct message, to help you to understand the error
I mention "complex" as the project is using several Twebform (20+), frame, HTML Templates, multi language, i18 specific code, xDataclient, WebDB components...

and the issue occurs in both context Debug AND Release

Could you please try to isolate this reducing this to a single form app without other dependencies?

I will try with only 2 or 3 TWebForm keeping way I'm managing TWebForm

Hi Bruno

Test project sent in private message

We followed up via pm