Recalc active sheet

Hi Adrian

I need to be able to recalculate individual sheets but couldn't find any method in the source code that does this. I have a subclass of the ExcelFile class so I created a new method with the following code:

procedure TInterfacedXlsFile.RecalcActiveSheet;
  ws: TSheet;
  sheetIndex: integer;
  sheetIndex := self.ActiveSheet;
  ws := TryCast<TSheet>.Convert(InternalWorkbook.Sheets[sheetIndex - 1]);
  ws.Cells.Recalc(self, sheetIndex);

However, this doesn't appear to work - any better ideas?

Thanks, Bob

Sorry - by "doesn't work" I mean that it has no effect at all - not that it raises an exception.

sorry, there is no way to calculate a single sheet, and it would't be trivial to implement, because when a formula in a sheet references another sheet (say you have =Sheet2!a1 in sheet1), the calculation engine automatically jumps to calculating the cell in sheet2.

Why do you want to calculate a single sheet? Is it for performance reasons?
Yes it's for performance reasons - my app is primarily based on custom worksheet functions and the user needs control over re-calculation at a worksheet level. Also, I'm trying to keep it as Excel-like as possible, so they can do Shift + F9 to recalc the active sheet.

I see that there's a RecalcCell method - I could probably put together a custom dependency graph for the worksheet and call RecalcCell multiple times - does this sound feasible?

Thanks, Bob
RecalcExpression looks like it might also be helpful. In the source there's mention of a demo DocExamples but I can't find that anywhere in the Flexcel folder.

Thanks, Bob

Duh - ok I see the examples in the on-line docs :-)