RawInvoke Querystring

I'd like to know if RawInvoke's QueryString parameter is supposed to work only with Aurelius result types.

I have a service that returns a TList<TMyNonAureliusClass>.
I tried $top,$skip,$expand and they don't work.
In this class there's a property that is of an Aurelius class type, and $expand neither works.

Is there anything I could do to force some properties to expand beneath non-Aurelius classes ?

Another question: Should SubPropsDepth property of xdatawebclient have any impact when using rawinvoke?

Hi Julio,

The RawInvoke query string just adds the value to the request URL query part. But processing the query string is up to the server.

And when using service operations, you need to implement those manually. However, there are helper features in XData for that, have you checked XData query feature:


There is no such property in TXDataWebClient component.

I didn't notice I must declare the Query as a Parameter and process it. I'll try that now.
What about the parameters order if I have other parameters than the Query?

But, anyway, I can process the query's filter, skip, etc ... how can I force it to expand Aurelius classes?
For example, my result TList

TMyClass = class
  StartDate : TDate;
  Description : string;
  OperationDetails : TOperation; {This is an Aurelius managed class}

How can I force it to expand other Aurelius objects that are beneath TOperation ?
All I could get were xdata.ref & xdata.proxy entries.

Sorry, I should have written TXDataWebDataSet, where I'm loading the response of txdatawebclient.

Maybe these techniques might help you out?

They have no impact on how the client retrieved data from the server.

Yes. It helps a lot:
TXDataOperationContext.Current.Request.Headers.SetValue('xdata-expand-level', '3');

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