RandomDll.dll is missing


I changed to Delphi 10.2.3 and I am having applications using the Crypto Pack of TMS.

When I run my application now on another PC it tells me that the RandomDll.dll is missing.

Before when I used Delphi 10.2.1 I also used the Crypto Pack and I never had this problem.

Do I now have to distribute the RandomDll.dll with my application or is there another way.

I am just wondering since it worked before without distributing the dll,....

Thanks for your support

Hi Thomas,
RandomDLL.dll is required only for 64-bit Windows platform. So if you compile your application on this platform, you have to distribute this DLL.
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Hi Marion ,

thanks for the answer.

Using Delphi 10.2.1, the RandomDll.dll didn't need to be distributed.

At that time I got a library path from TMS (self-contained Library so the RandomDll.dll does not need to be distributed).

Does this library patch also exists for Delphi 10.2.3 ? Or can I use the library path which I got in October 2017 for Delphi 10.2.1 ?


Hi Thomas,
I did not remember you have the patch for 10.2.1, so yes, this patch works also for the versions greater than 10.2.1.
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Thanks,.. :-)  

Dear Marion & Thomas,

I have the same problem on Delphi Sydney.
I would like to ship standalone 64bit executables without external dlls.
Could it be possible?


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Tamas Kiss

Hi Tamas,

in my case the following change had worked:

To disable the need of RandomDLL.dll you have just to uncomment the line // {$DEFINE IDEVERSION1021} in the tmscrypto.inc file.

The file tmscrypto.inc is located in C:\Users....\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Cryptography Pack

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Dear Thomas,

it solved my problem, too.
Thank you.

Besides, I can't figure out where the dll's name originates from.
If I were to find suspicious files on a computer, randomDLL.dll would definitely fall into the "quaranteen-or-delete-at-once" category.

Thanks again a lot.

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You simply need to generate random numbers for cryptography. I assume that the DLL contains methods for fast, well distributed random numbers that are an improvement to the functions delivered in the Delphi RTL...

That’s why the name RANDOM.DLL fits :-) I agree it sounds strange at first.

Dear Holger,

thanks for the explanation.

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