Question about TAdvRichEditor

Another one question is about TAdvRichEditor.
I want add an emoticons support. And place emoticons image container to form and link it to TAdvRichEditor.
If I type text directly in editor everything works fine and text replaces by emoticons then it's needed.
But if I add text through TAdvRichEditor.AddText() function emoticons did not replaced by images automatically. And I did not find any functions that can do this.

Should I find a workaround for this or may be somewhere have a solution?

There is no automatic emoticon processing at this time on the AddText() method.
You'd need to programmatically insert the emoticon via the function AddEmoticonPicture, for example:


Thanks for answer!
For now AddEmoticonPicture is my current workaround solution.

But for simplify it is able to add automatic emoticon processing in the future?
Looks like it is a feature request.

Yes, it is a useful feature and is added on our list.