Question About syntax in scripter


I want to change my scripter language or syntax so i can replace begin end syntaxes with { } like C languages. Is it possible?

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Unfortunately that is not possible, unless of course you learn the full TMS Scripter source code and implement a full language syntax yourself. But currently, only Basic and Pascal syntax are supported.


According to your answer i duplicated Languages.Pascal and editing rules in it and based on the question i am want to change begin end; with curly braces "{" "}" but i am getting syntax error even i did right.

':begin~ [({|} )]end[ ;]'#13#10+


':"{"~ [({|} )]"}"'#13#10+

now with this its working. Photo 1:


but when i tried to add subroutine like procedure its raises error:


and i removed comment option for curly braces

how can fix this?

Thanks for reply.

As I mentioned,this is not trivial at all. We didn't implement "JavaScript-like" syntax until now because we don't have the resources to do so. Unfortunately I cannot check what is going wrong with your new development, this is going down into the rabbit hole.