Question about JSLibReference Attribute

I've been working my way through creating new TMS WEB Core components that are wrappers for JavaScript libraries. I noticed that there is a JSLibReference attribute that is used by the components included with TMS WEB Core, but I don't see it referenced in the documentation and it doesn't seem to be required?

I had thought perhaps that it would be used to populate the "Manage JavaScript Libraries" list but that doesn't appear to be the case?

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This is an attribute set for the design-time version of the component. When this attribute is used, it gets picked up by the IDE when the component is dropped on the form and the URL's for the libraries specified through this attribute are automatically added to the project HTML file.
It's not a strict requirement since it is only needed when you want this automatic insertion of library URLs in your project HTML. The alternative could be to insert such library URLs through "Manage JavaScript Libraries" that you can also extend with your custom library references.

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