Query builder component?

Do you already have it?



I'm not sure if this is what I need.. More pictures would be helpful though.

For example, my database contains over 170 tables and the biggest problem is how to join them when writing sql query. My users must be able to have the option to choose tables, graphically join 10 or more tables (thus, automatically generating sql in the background), choosing result fields (group, sum etc..).

Our Query builder products use a tree to define tables and joins and tries to represent tables/joins/filters/groups in a natural language form. Not sure what exactly you are visually after, but the focus of our Query builder products is the natural language representation / entry for complex queries.

I don't have time to investigate each and every component. I asked
nicely for additional pictures that show component's key features but I
see it's not gonna happen :)

In short, this is what I need. A classical "view creator" like in sql server management studio.

As I explained, our Query builder provides a natural language interface, not a visual / graph based interface.

Thanks. I'll look elsewhere.