Pushover Issue.

Are you aware of any changes to the Pushover API that would affect the TAdvPushover component?

When I send messages to a specific device on Pushover, it now sends the message to all devices.  In the past it would only do this if a device wasn't specified.

= Steve


We are not aware of any changes in the Pushover API and no changes were made to TAdvPushover.
Can you please make sure the device names you are using are valid and assigned correctly to the ADevice parameter?

If the problem persists can you please enable logging to check if the request contains the correct device names?
Logging can be enabled by setting Logging to True and LogLevel to llDetail. The LOG file is generated automatically in the machine's Documents folder.
Hi Bart,

Thanks for the advice.  I finally managed to work out what was causing the problems. 

The device names were held in a TStringList, and passed as text, eg. DeviceList.Text.  Doing it like that passes a carriage return and line feed, which I think was confusing Pushover.

So I changed the code to pass the device names as a string, separated by commas, but with no carriage return and line feed.  Now it works fine.

= Steve

Thank you for confirming the issue was resolved!