Proxy server connection for geocoding/routing


I'm using the VCL WebGMaps components to provide geolocation and route directions in my Windows desktop app.  Some of the users of the app have various network configurations that mean they need to configure the proxy server settings for internet connections.  I'm therefore looking at these properties for geocoding :


I have a few queries/observations :

1. It looks like the ProxyPort property is not used at all?
2. The ProxyServer property works when providing a URL such as 'http://proxyserver:8080'.  However it doesn't support providing a username/password for the proxy server?
3. There doesn't appear to be anyway of specifying a 'direct access' connection i.e. disable proxy - INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT
4. Is there a way of specifying the proxy server settings on the TWebGMaps component, for route directions?  Currently this is blocked at my customer's site.



1. Correct. This was an oversight that we are looking into now. The workaround is to include the port number in the ProxyServer value as you did in 2.
2. Have you tried including the username/password in the URL? Example: http_proxy=http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@PROXYIP:PROXYPORT
3.If no ProxyServer is specified the connection uses INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG which should default to INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT if no proxy server config is found in the registry.
Would this be sufficient for you or would you require a specific setting to use INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT?
4. Specifying a proxy server for the Directions API is currently unfortunately not supported. However this is a good suggestion and we'll investigate if this can be added in a future version.
Note however that the connection type for the Directions API is also set to INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG which should retrieve the proxyserver info from the registry if available.
Hi Bart,

Thank you for your reply.  In response :

1. Thanks for clarifying.
2. Yes I've tried using the http://user:password@server:port  method, but it gives the error "Unable to initialize Wininet"
3. I think I do need a specific setting to enforce INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT.  The application communicates with the internet throughout, and we have had to build full proxy server options into the app - our customer has to have this set to INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT in order to be able to make any internet requests.
4. Yes we need proxy options for the Directions API too.


Thank you for notifying. 

We'll have to investigate if these features can be added in a future version.