Proxy calls

I will eventually be hosting the html/js produced in my Go web server app which includes API calls. In Webpack there's a way to tell the dev server to proxy calls with a certain url scheme /api/mycall. to another web server. This would allow me to make calls to the API while developing. I know CORS is an option but before I go there I wanted to see if your dev web server allowed for proxying.


If your web client app calls the Go server and your Go server will proxy to another server, I would assume this should work.

While im developing it tho its running with your web server. So , unless I use CORS, the calls to my API will fail. Webpack dev server allows the type of thing I'm referring to:

In settings you can change that our debug server is being used. You can configure in project options that files are deployed to your own server.

Your built in server continues to server the js/html produced by the TMS web compiler. Just the /api calls get proxied to my web server for data. Thats how webpack works.

Do you change the web server? If so, our web server shouldn't be started anymore.

I want your web server to be started and to serve your files you produce. Thats not changing. I just want your web server to intercept urls with an /api in the path and call my web server for data. So my app is talking to your web server the entire time during development.

Sorry, this will be something beyond the scope of this small debug server we provide.

Good to know I can change the web server, This will suffice for my needs.

Thanks Bruno

No problem bruno. Thanks.

The reason I bring this up in the context of webpack dev server is you get hot reloading with it and so it’s vital that I can use it while developing my web apps. If you ever added hot reloading to your TMS web product, I would want to use your web server , but still get my data while developing via a proxy setting in your server. Just something to consider if you did add hot reloading.

TMS Web is an excellent product! Thanks for your time

We'll take a look if we can do an optional smooth integration with webpack dev server.
The hot reloading technique is already applied to our live server that is in v1.5:

I don’t need web pack integration. I fully plan on using your dev web server. I was just giving their proxy setting as an example for you of the type of setting you might add to your TMS Dev Server to allow for proxy of api calls

Thanks Bruno

Understood. We will investigate.