Proposal for Component Vendors and Product Developers to Purchase Delphi from Idera

I would like to suggest to all major component vendors and those who make products with Delphi to purchase "Delphi" from Idera and do not, repeat do not make it open source but keep it commercially supported (capitalism). The component vendors and product developers love Delphi and we need someone to Buy Delphi who both loves it and works with it. If Delphi dies, at least it will die with its loved ones.

Here is a list of component vendors I will be posting a message to their forum.

  • Dev Express
  • Eldos
  • Fast-Report
  • NexusDB
  • Axolot
  • Debenu
  • EurekaLog
  • Pax Compiler
  • TMS Software

If you feel another vendor or a company that builds their product with Delphi could be included in this proposal, please feel free to post it in their forum or email your contact person.

-Delphi Lover who does not want to see Delphi go away

This feature will not be implemented.