Problems with webcore + lazarus on linux

Just bought & unpacked latest TMSWebCore on Fedora linux 64bit:
1.Cannot install it without fixing uses clause with Windows (should use LCLType, LCLIntf for non windows targets). - so package isn't yet ready for design under linux, also System.UITypes isn't lazarus unit, so I've ifdefed. Another thing is DrawTextEx() usage. LCLIntf have only DrawText(), so ifdefed it for unix targets to use DrawText()
2.Finally package installed.
3.Trying to create "New TMSWebCore application" project and lazarus screams about missing lpk's eg TMSWebCore.lpk, but on disc it's name is tmswebcore.lpk - ignoring all messages and design form comes to the front. Can drop controls an doing design - that works.
4.Press "Run" - nothing happens since there's no TMSWebCompiler for linux, only TMSWebCompiler.exe. Said ok, created bash script named TMSWebCompiler with call to TMSWebCompiler.exe via wine, but run does not run but produces error.

Does it mean that I cannot use TMSWebCore under lazarus + linux or it's just mispackaged ? Any plans to fix it and when ?

At this point, we have only official support for Lazarus for Windows. Linux support is on our todolist.

Ok, thanks, I've installed lazarus and webcore in windows 10 virtual machine, but there's no Demos (seem that installer don't unpack Demo folder for lazarus target).

The demos we currently have are made with Delphi.

We are working on a converter to convert all our demos to Lazarus.