Problems with Webcore 2.3.0 when browser closes

Whether I set the Debug with IDE to true or false or just don't set it I get an AV exception in Delphi when I close the browser. If I try to rerun the application I get another AV.

I then need to shut Delphi to clear this, but even shutting down creates a stream of AVs and I need to close Delphi in the Task Manager.

Any ideas?

I have not seen this issue before.
What Delphi version? What OS? What Browser? Did you test on another machine?

Delphi 11.3 Enterprise, Windows 10 Pro, Edge Browser.

I haven't tried on a different machine, but this app was fine with earlier Webcore on this VM.

Also if I set "Enable Debugging in IDE" to False, it still leaves Delphi running in debug mode. If I click the stop execution button, then I get an Invalid Pointer operation

Let's begin with the setup with setting
"Enable Debugging inside the IDE" = false
Reboot your machine to ensure there are no hanging processes.
When you compile and run a new TMS WEB Core app, do you see the TMS Web Server started in the taskbar:


Do you see the app running in the browser?

If something is not normally working, please provide exact details what is wrong.

Enable debugging in the IDE = False
Yes the TMS Webserver is running and showing in the taskbar
New browser instance is created, rather than default browser instance
Yes the app runs in the browser

Delphi looks like this


If I close the browser, then Delphi looks like

if I try to run again I get

If I try to close Delphi

Is also at project level the setting Enable debugging in the IDE = False?
Can you also try one of the included demo projects?

I have it set at the project level, is there somewhere else it can be set?

I have run TMSWeb_Simple and it displays the same behaviour.

Global setting : Tools, Options, TMS WEB Core


Setting that does make it behave as expected and open in the default browser instance and close down without Delphi issues.

So it must be something with the debug communication from IDE to browser.
Do you have Chrome installed? Can you try if it makes a difference with Chrome?

Set it to use Chrome in Tools/Options but it still launched Edge

Please see browser selection here:


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