Problems with TWebUpdate


I am having problem with with TWebUpdate in few installations, especially when I try to update the application from a USB memory sticks. The following is the error message I have:
: [976] System error : 425 Could not open data connection to port 37616: Connection timed out
 (Status:1) (Error:12003)
No problem when trying to update applications installed on hard disks.
How can I give more connection time ?
Many thanks

Are you sure there is no firewall preventing your app from accessing the internet?
If a problem persists, please set WebUpdate.Logging = true and send by email the generated log file so we can inspect.

The .exe was installed on the local "C" drive of the same machine and everything was working. Just the version on the memory stick didn't.

However, I tried again today and the application on the memory stick was updated.

Many thanks