Problems installing 5.8


I've had a rough time using the subscription manager to upgrade my computer to 5.8.  Tried multiple times completely removing all traces of TMS from computer.   It seems that the installation keeps hanging at the point where it is registering the help sytem.  I then get an error message saying there were errors and to see the log, but the log doesn't give any errors.  Meanwhile, the components are not available in the C++Builder personality of RAD Studio 2010.
I finally got it to work by telling it not to install the help files.  Of course, that leaves me the problem of not having help working.
(1) What is the manual method for integrating the help information into RAD Studio?
(2) Is there some way that the TMS help material can be viewed in a standalone matter (so I could explicitly search for common terms but have it restricted to TMS):?
Richard U.