Problems about the difference between "RADStudio 10.1Berlin 32bit" and "RADStudio 11.2 Alexandria 64bit".

Three problems occurred as a result of upgrading from "RADStudio 10.1Berlin 32bit" to "RADStudio 11.2 Alexandria 64bit".
I would like you to address these issues or tell me how to address them.

Problem 1(image①):
I can't search the part marked "★".

Problem 2(image②):
In the Alexandria environment, after setting a single space (" ") in a column of TClientDataSet, I encountered an issue where the value of the column is retrieved as NULL for some columns, while for others, it is not NULL.

In the Berlin environment, setting a single space in Column 2 and immediately retrieving its value returns the space as expected.
Note that disableStringTrim is not set in the program.

Problem 3(image③)
In the Alexandria environment, when modifying and saving the C++ source code of a form module, values such as Width in the dfm file are altered as shown in the red box in the figure below.
(Berlin is running on Windows 10, while Alexandria is on Windows 11.)

I have no idea what TMS components this refers to.

they are problems about TAdvStringGrid.

I have no idea how you use TAdvStringGrid in connection with a TClientDataSet you are apparently using?

I apologize for the confusion, I contacted the wrong place. There's no need for an answer to this question.