Problem with TWebBitBtn

Hi All,

This is not really a problem directly with Web Core's TWebBitBtn. I also have the Dev Express subscription pack installed in Delphi.

When I click to choose an image from the Glyph property, the Dev Express Image Picker dialog opens. I browse to the image I want (a png file), and click Ok. The image displays on the button properly, but when I compile, I get an error regarding not being able to find dxGDIPlusClasses. So I add that path, and then another Dev Express file can't be found and so on...

The glyph property displays "(TdxPNGImage)". Any idea how I get get around this problem?

I would like to keep the dev express image picker for vcl apps, but for web core, I'd like the standard one (I assume that would sort the problem).


We do not have devexpress installed here, so not sure what is done, but i suspect they generally replace a TBitmap property editor while it should be excluded for TMS WEB Core components. Have you contacted devexpress about this?