Problem with TTMSFNCMaps and GDI Scaling


I use the dpi setting "gdi scaling" in a project.
The target is a Panasonic Toughpad with Windows scaling is set to 150%

The App look like this

If is set the align to alclient it looks like this

Is this a general problem, or is there a setting for it?

(the black frame in the second image is not part of the problem)

We have been working on this last month, and can not reproduce this here now with the latest version. Are you using the latest version?

Yes, I have updated the last version this morning (

I have tried it again.

  • New VCL Project
  • Drop a TMSFNCMaps on the Form (without any settings)
  • Edit the project options to GDI scaling
  • Run on a 150% Windows scaled device (Toughpad and also my development pc)

This is the versioninfo of VCL.TMSFNCMaps.pas

MAJ_VER = 1; // Major version nr.
MIN_VER = 2; // Minor version nr.
REL_VER = 4; // Release nr.
BLD_VER = 1; // Build nr.


We have further investigated this here. Unfortunately, this is a common issue related to GDI scaling. TEdgeBrowser (new default delphi webbrowser component) is showing the same issue. Please change the DPI Awareness to Per Monitor v2 to fix the issue. We'll monitor changes in the default TEdgeBrowser to potentially fix the issue in the future.