problem with simple result from interface

I have a method defined in a service interface:

function GetUserIdFromEmail(const Value: string): integer;

I am calling this from a Web Core app using RawInvoke.

While the method get's called correctly and the result set the XData server then raises the exception:

exception class EXDataHttpEntityNotFound with message 'Requested entity does not exist.'.

in function TXDataRequestHandler.GetEntityFromNavigationPath(const Manager: TObjectManager): TObject; 

which is expecting an object for the result.

I'm obviously doing something wrong here, but have scoured the docs and can't work out what it is.

Any help gratefully received.

Hi Russell, hard to tell what's going on. I'd ask you to send us via e-mail the simplified source code that shows the problem. We need to see both interface and implementation classes of the service operation.

Hello Wagner,

This is almost 5 years old, but I have this exact exception in the same place.
But this only occurs in the IDE when debugging. So an exception that is caught.
The service function works perfectly.

Is this correct behavior?
Then I can turn off this exception in the IDE.

Best regards

Yes, correct behavior. That is simply a 404 (not found) error being returning to the client.