Problem with Package TMSDeD2007


I have a problem with TMS Component Pack.

I install it for D2007 and XE10.1 Berlin. My problem only occurs in D2007. After I have installed the component pack, Delphi 2007 starts normal and everything is ok. All packages are loaded.
Then I close D2007 and reopen it. While it is loading, a message apears that tells me, that the package TMSDeD2007,bpl cannot be found.

In the components/install packages window this packeage is not checked. When I try to check it, I get the same error message. When I remove it and try to add it by selecting it, it says the same.

So after installing the TMS Component Pack I can run Delphi 2007 once and after closing it, I have to remove the Component pack and reinstall it, to be able to run it again, once.

Any ideas?

Best Regards

Is the folder where TMSDED2007.BPL is located added in your system path?

Yes it is.

I install the Component pack into the folder C:\DelphiXEAddons\TMS Component Pack
After it finishes there are all packages für D2007 in 2 different folders. One is C:\DelphiXEAddons\TMS Component Pack\bpl and the other is C:\DelphiXEAddons\TMS Component Pack\Delphi2007.
The first one is in the system path, but in the components/install packages window it shows the bpl files in the second path. So I also added the second path to the system path. Did not change anything.

Why does it work, when I start Delphi 2007 for the first time after the installation process and does not work after I close and reopen Delphi 2007?

There should be only one set of files in one system path.
Can you clean this up and retest?

I already did. I uninstalled the component pack, and removed the path from the system path. Then I reinstalled and after that there where both BpL directories again and the C:\DelphiXEAddons\TMS Component Pack\bpl path was in the system path, but in Delphi 2007 it shows that the C:\DelphiXEAddons\TMS Component Pack\Delphi2007 is used and it states that the package could not be loaded because a module is not found. I made several screen shots, but do not know what is the best way to send them to you.

This is a strange problem I have not yet encountered.

Does the problem go away when you open from the IDE tmsd2007.groupproj and perform a build-all?

Thanks for this tip. Worked great. I reinstalled the component pack, opened D2007, closed it and reopened it. Then got the error. Then loaded the project group and rebuilt all and after that I can open and close D2007 and everything stays ok.

No idea whats going on there.