Problem with high dpi edit controls.

I am using VCL UI controls and have encountered a problem with the edit controls. Unless both (autosize = true ) and (BorderStyle = bsSingle) at run time the control is twice the vertical size as design time. I am using styles, but disabling vcl styles doesn't help the problem. I am on a high def monitor, 3840x2160, high dpi, 168ppi.

I have attached a simple demo project. Note not all edit controls are affected, f.i. tadvspinedit behaves correctly, see the demo.

Thanks for your help.

Dan Sox

Note, this has been a problem for a while, but I just now localized it to the two above properties (76.9 KB)

What Delphi version do you use and what is the DPI config of the form designer and also, did you compare with the standard VCL TSpinEdit for example (as we do not do anything particular with high DPI in our edit controls, so basically inherit the base class control behavior)