Problem with Credentials in FNCWebBrowser and android

I am trying to use TMSFNCWebBrowser to connect to a database on a webserver. When i run it in Windows i am prompted for my credentials when i first connect and all works as expected. When i compile and run it on an Android device i am advised that "your browser doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required". Is there a setting i am missing? Is it an AndroidManifest.xml setting?

The issue has been bypassed as i have been able to change my database connection so that i am no longer prompted for my credentials.

However if someone could clarify why the TMSFNCWebBrowser works differently in Android to Windows that might be helpful to someone else.


The browser is using the native browser of the operating system. In Windows this is Edge Chromium, on Android this is WebView which is a embedded browser based on Google. There is common functionality but totally different rendering and processing engine.