Problem with associations

Hi, I have encountered a problem with associations.
Let's suppose we have the following classes (simplified):

  [Id('FId', TIdGenerator.IdentityOrSequence)]
  TPersonalPhoto = class
    [Column('PersonalPhoto_ID', [TColumnProp.Unique, TColumnProp.Required, TColumnProp.NoUpdate])]
    FId: Integer;
    [Column('PersonalPhotoBIN', [TColumnProp.Lazy])]
    FPhotoBIN: TBlob;
    property Id: integer read FId;
    property PhotoBIN: TBlob read FPhotoBIN write FPhotoBIN;


  [Id('FId', TIdGenerator.IdentityOrSequence)]
  TPersonal = class
    [Column('Personal_ID', [TColumnProp.Unique, TColumnProp.Required, TColumnProp.NoUpdate])]
    FId: Integer;
    FLastName: string;
    FFirstName: string;

    [Association([TAssociationProp.Lazy], CascadeTypeAll)]
    [JoinColumn('PersonalPhotoID', [TColumnProp.Unique])]
    FPhoto: Proxy<TPersonalPhoto>;
    [Column('PersonalLastName', [TColumnProp.Required], 100)]
    property LastName: string read FLastName write FLastName;
    [Column('PersonalFirstName', [TColumnProp.Required], 100)]
    property FirstName: string read FFirstName write FFirstName;

    property Photo: TPersonalPhoto read GetPhoto write SetPhoto;

In application I create object of TPersonal and I create its Photo property too.
In this case everything is successfully saved. Both objects are created in the tables.

Now I created and saved object of TPersonal and didn't fill TPhoto property.
I load it later and I try to update its TPhoto property.
And when I call FManager.SaveOrUpdate(), I receive an SQLite error 'constraint failed'.
What is wrong in these two classes? Thanks

I can't see nothing wrong with your mapping. Maybe you could post the code you use to save/load the objects? Or send us a compilable project that reproduces the problem so we can fix it?

Hi Wagner,
thanks a lot for your quick help with this problem.