Problem with AdvOfficeComboBox.ItemIndex

Within an application for display of spectra traces, I use a AdvOfficeComboBox to let the user select individual traces from the dropdown. The text entries are the names of the traces. Sometimes, different traces have the same name.
Problem is: AdvOfficeComboBox.ItemIndex doesn't give the correct number, as it works internally with an IndexOf(text) function, instead it give the numebr of the first occurence of the name:-(

For the AdvOfficeComboBox.ItemIndex method, I would have expected the same behaviour as with the ordinary TComboBox , which gives the correct number in all cases, because it uses "SendMessage(Handle, LB_GETCURSEL, 0, 0)"

Please advice!

Many thanks in advance,

using Delphi XE 5 on Win7 with the current version of TMS Component Pack(v 8.3.3)

We applied an improvement that will be included in v8.3.4.0 that will handle this better. v8.3.4.0 is scheduled for release today.

Sounds great! I am looking forward to using the new release...

tried v8.3.4, works very well for me. thanks a lot!