problem using TAdvSmoothCombobox


I’m using unit AdvSmoothCombobox

MAJ_VER = 2; // Major version nr.

MIN_VER = 0; // Minor version nr.

REL_VER = 3; // Release nr.

BLD_VER = 1; // Build nr.

Which refers unit AdvSmoothListbox

MAJ_VER = 2; // Major version nr.

MIN_VER = 5; // Minor version nr.

REL_VER = 0; // Release nr.

BLD_VER = 2; // Build nr.

Which refers unit GDIPFill

No revision

Under Delphi XE environment.

It’s been a while I’m trying to correct a bad functioning with the smoothcombobox component.

I’m setting a “PictureContainer” both in the “Combobox.PictureContainer” and the “combobox.ItemAppareance.ButtonAppareance.PictureContainer” properties.

The aim for me is to change the GraphicLeftName property as to make a NodeOpen/NodeClosed visual glyph. ( I didn’t success to use the NodeOpen/NodeClosed properties)

Then, I’m adding dynamically some items to the list:

With AAdvCbx.Items.Add do


Level := ALevel;

Caption := ACaption;

GraphicLeftType := gtSmoothButton;

GraphicLeftShow := gsAlways;

GraphicLeftName := cszIconNodeOpen;

DeleteButton := False;

DeleteButtonVisible := False;

CategoryID := AId;

Indent := 30 * Level;

Tag := 0;


When I run the program here is what I have:

Only selected Item is taking the picture.

After searching a while, I’ve made the following modification :

Unit : GDIPFill

Line : 5086

procedure TGDIPButton.Assign(Source: TPersistent);


if (Source is TGDIPButton) then


FFont.Assign((Source as TGDIPButton).Font);

FLayout := (Source as TGDIPButton).Layout;

FSpacing := (Source as TGDIPButton).Spacing;

FShiftDown := (Source as TGDIPButton).ShiftDown;

FAlignment := (Source as TGDIPButton).Alignment;

FPictureAlignment := (Source as TGDIPButton).PictureAlignment;

FFocusColor := (Source as TGDIPButton).FocusColor;

FSimpleLayout := (Source as TGDIPButton).SimpleLayout;

FGlowPercentage := (Source as TGDIPButton).GlowPercentage;

FPictureContainer := (Source as TGDIPButton).PictureContainer; ß ADDED




Everything is working well now !!!!!!!

Do you think that this modification is suitable and/or do you have any other idea ???

Thanks for your reply

The images are not visible here. For efficiency, can you send a test project with source with which we can reproduce this issue so we can investigate this here?