Problem TDBAdvOfficeRadioGroup


I have 1 clientdataset (cds1), 1 datasource (dsrc1) and 1 TDBAdvOfficeRadioGroup (dbrgrp1).

- the cds1 has 3 records (second, minute, hour) in 1 column (col1).
- dsrc1.dataset := cds1
- dbrgrp1.datasource := dsrc1
- dbrgrp1.datafield := col1

After compiling there are no radiobuttons shown in the groupbox (it is empty). I've found no sample an no documentation to this component.
Please show me what I've to do, to get the data from cds1 into the dbrgrp1.


TDBAdvOfficeRadioGroup binds the ItemIndex of the radiogroup to the DB field, not the items itself.