Problem diagramStudio when using touch screen

Iam working on a project using the DiagramEditor1 component. I am using smart board screen so I use my finger as a mouse. I noticed that when the resoluton
of my screen is choosen to be 1920 :1080 then I have problem when the mouse is moved while clicked over the width of the screen. This is described by the screenshut as below:

I noticed that each time mouse is moved(By touchng assimulation) while cliced for over than 1200 pixel a long the AtDiagram horizontally arises exception

Please I need to use touch screen, How to handle this problem???
Thank you in advance

I cannot reproduce this as I don't have a touch screen.
But it would help if you could test your app in debug mode and then provide the call stack at the moment of the error, so we have an idea of where in the code the problem is happening.

I will try that. Tank you