Problem after upgrade from 6.9.3 to 7.0.0 - font

Have a TAdvStringGrid which previously displayed fine but after upgrading to 7.0.0 it seems that words in Cells are being displayed twice - overlapping but slightly offset.

What's happened?

I also have a problem now! Exception occurs when running application with existing TAdvStringGrid:

"StringGrid1.GridImages.ColorChecked: Invalid property path."

My whole project is now in a total mess! I was hoping to finish and deliver it soon but all I do is waste my time here reporting bug after bug.

Now I succeeded to remove those exceptions. Seems like bunch of properties were removed in this update. 

We did NOT remove a single property!

The GridImages property is just a reference to an imagelist. I can only assume that something changed in the imagelist you connected to the grid!

With respect to the reported issue with words displayed twice, I have no idea how you use the grid, how you cause this problem. In none of our demos or test apps can we see this behavior.