PrintPreview Mouse Click to Cell

Is there anyway I can use the Flexcel PrintPreview screen to be able to click on a point to 

get the Excel cell Row/Col? I would like to create a simple cell editor without having to try and map everything into a grid. I could see this being done in the on Cell Paint routine in your library.




Currenlty not, even if we have plans to create a TFlexCelSpreadsheet someday, and also revamp the preview so you could do basic stuff like adjust the margins on it or edit cells. 

 What we do have is TFlexCelGrid, which doesn't ship with FlexCel 6 but you can get with FlexCel 3, which I think is basically what you are looking for. It can also be made to use FlexCel 6 as the engine, so you get all the new stuff in FlexCel 6 too.

 You can get an idea of how TFlexCelGrid works in this exe demo:

And you if you think it can be a valid option, you can get an idea of how to install FlexCel 3 in parallel with FlexCel 6 here:

As said, a more modern TFlexCelSpreasheet is something we would like to do someday, but not at the moment.