Printing selected columns

Hello a couple of questions with regards to FlexCelImport...

Is it possible when you come to print,  to only output just selected columns and not print other columns - if so how would I do this?


if I have multiple sheets and I wanted to create another final 'summary sheet' what would be the best method of extracting certain columns from each sheet and placing the data into my final summary sheet?



Abut printing just some columns, I ma not sure if you refer to a full subrange (say columns C to D) or to a disjunct range (say columns A, C and D but not B).

If it is the first, you can set the print area when you call FlexCelPreview1.Init(rangetoprint);
or you could also set the print area in the xls file.

If it is the second case, then the only thing I can think is to hide those columns you don't want to print in FlexCelImport:
  FlexCelImport1.ColumnHidden[2] := true;

About the second question, sadly the FlexCelImport.InsertAndCopyCols in FlexCel VCL doesn't support copying between sheets. You will have to loop over the data and manually copy  the cells.