Prevent user from clicking other items in the map


Is there a way to prevent users from clicking other items and showing its information in the map, for example, allow the user to click only the markers that was added in the map to show its information.



Can you please explain what other items besides markers you are referring to?
If there are no events associated with an item, nothing should happen when it is clicked unless this is default behavior of Google Maps which we possibly have no control over.

When you click on marked establishments in the map, it pop up balloon information

You can disable these by setting the MapOptions.DisablePOI property to true.

Tried disabling MapOptions.DisablePOI but still I can click on other items in the Map like for example hospital and commercial establishments.

Possibly the Google Maps API prevents these points from being disabled.

Can you see any difference between the number of POI objects displayed on the map with DisablePOI set to false or true?