Prevent DragDrop Over Specific Cells in TMSFNCGrid

In previous versions the OnDragOver event contained an Accept parameter that could be used to optionally prevent a DragDrop. That parameter is no longer available in the TMSFNCGrid now.

In my particular application, I am using a Grid to represent 4 weeks of a Calendar. How can I allow dropping in some cells of the grid (certain dates), but prevent dropping in other cells (dates) of the grid?

I'm using the latest version of the grid and Delphi Alexandria (11.3).

It's unclear exactly which event you are referring to, the OnDragOver still has an accept parameter.

In older versions of Delphi there was an Accept parameter in the event (which I used), but in the event created in Delphi Alexandria 11.3...

procedure TfrmBenefitPolicies.grdRecListDragOver(Sender: TObject;
  const Data: TDragObject; const Point: TPointF; var Operation: TDragOperation);


are you saying the Operation parameter is the Accept parameter?

You are mixing VCL & FMX, The Accept parameter is for VCL only.

Right - I'm updating an old VCL (Delphi 2009) application to FMX so I can support additional platforms. So in an FMX application, how do I allow dropping in some cells and prevent dropping in other cells of the grid? Is there any way to do that?

Use the Operation parameter