Preserve Column Position

How can I preserve the focus on the rightmost columns when I scroll up or down the grid?

I'm viewing the rightmost column and every time I scroll the grid, it re-positions focus at the first column.
I need to set focus on the column I was 
I also need the same behavior when sorting.  
GoToCell doesn't work.
Any ideas?
Best Regards 

Francisco Alvarado

Try to set

grid.Navigation.KeepHorizScroll = true

Thank you Bruno, that works for horizontal scrolling, but I also need to reproduce this behavior when I close and re-order the query (PageMode = True). When I click the header I know the column number and the field name (I set the order on this field name), how can I use this information to re-position the view at the column clicked before I close and re-open the query?

Best Regards 

Francisco Alvarado

You can control the horiz. scroll position programmatically with grid.LeftCol: intege property.

Thank you Philippe...