Pre-sales question

When I purchase and install the mCL components, which are for OSX, and use them on the form, what will happen when I compile for Win32/64? Will I be able to compile for Windows (reason is debugging is better than using VM with OSX)?


Yes you should be able to compile for each target, but the components will of course only work on macOS.

Thank you for the quick reply.

What means "will of course only work on macOS"? Does it mean that for example a mCL button will not be shown on the form, or I cant click them when target is Windows? I just dont want to spend the money and then cant develop on Windows, because I cant test the GUI.


The mCL components are wrappers around native macOS components that are only visible at runtime. At designtime, there is a placeholder to show where the native component will be rendered. In a Win32 application, there will be no component rendered at runtime, and also no button to be clicked on.

Ah ok, thanks, then I wont be able to use them, because I need to fully develop and debug on Windows, and only the final product will run on Mac.