Power Styling sample


Can you please provide us the "tweet" style for the TableView, the one you published in your documentation, this is in order to use it on my applications.

Looks pretty good and I don't know how to create new styles in order to use it in Firemonkey.


Dear Mr. Romero, 

We have uploaded the demo:

Please note that it might show incompatibility issue because it has been built with an older version of the TTMSFMXTableView.

Kind Regards, 

Thanks Pieter

What version did you used in order to see it works?


We have opened and converted this demo in XE7, but the style file isn't compatible with the latest version so it could be possible that you will see visual artifacts. You could also copy the fill settings for most of the elements to a new TTMSFMXTableView.

Kind Regards,