PostgreSQL 11 isn't support???

I'll try postgresql 11 with aurelius.

i try generate entity from connection

took this message 'EPgNativeException: [FireDAC][Pyhs][PG][libpq] 오류 : p.proisagg 칼럼 없음, "p.prolang" 칼럼을 참조하는것 같습니다.

Can you please explain what does that message mean? From Google Translate it looks like the column is not found, so simply such columns do not exist in database. Those are not Aurelius columns, but yours. Can you provide more info on what is going on, when does that message appear, etc.?

it's completely my fault.

i didn't read manual. 

TDatabaseManager.Update(Connection) <-- done!.

Thank you anyway~!

By the way~

I'll try database modeling like this.
[Entity, Automapping]
[DBIndex('IDX_USER_INFO', 'UserID')]
TUserInfo = class
  FId : Int64;
  [Column('UserID', [TColumnProp.Required])]
  FUserID : string;
  FCreatedTime : TDateTime;
  property Id: Int64 read FId;
  property UserID: string read FUserID write FUserID;
  property CreatedTime: TDateTime read FCreatedTime write FCreatedTime;

like this...
Table created success in first (launching application with no any tables) time. but, except Index table.
Second time (after first time... ) then create index table.

is it normal case? or???
How can i solve this problem??

The DBIndex issue is indeed a bug. We have solved this and next release will have that fix included.